About us

The Quattrocento is one of the most important periods in European cultural history. Taking place in the 15th century, it is the first phase of the period we know more commonly as the Renaissance. Centred on Florence, is renowned as the period when creativity came to the fore, when the client commissioned great works from the artist.
In the spirit of the Renaissance, at Quattrocento Design we develop proposals born from direct dialogue between you, our client and us, the artist.
Our approach ensures precise results and innovative solutions, applying the latest materials and newest technologies.
Experience Marketing” solutions (events, road shows, press conferences), ”Trade fairs “(stands) and “Retail Marketing” (brand environment, design and construction of brand stores, shop in shops and POS displays…), is what we do.
We are dedicated to providing our clients with solutions to all activities that showcase products ensuring they are presented in the best way possible to the ever more demanding consumer.

Our services

The key of Quattrocento’s strategy is that all the trades ‘‘live under the same roof’’ with common objectives, offering clients quick and easy communication to all departments in one call and the best, most complete, service and quality on the market.

We execute each project within the shortest timeframe and to optimise the outcomes.  Our team includes chartered architects, interior, industrial and graphic designers, ensuring we cover all our clients’ needs when designing, planning and executing a project.



To surprise is to engage emotionally; something that is vital in the relationship between a brand and its environment.


Trade fairs represent one of the most powerful B2B commercial tools. Our solutions include differentiating elements that ensure our clients stand out, raising their image in order to achieve the required awareness at every exhibition and trade fair.


The point of sale is where the success of every brand proposal is put to the ultimate test, measured by consumer reaction.

What else we provide?

Global coverage

This way Quattrocento´s unique structure is capable of providing clients with highly competitive solutions and all the peripheral services that they may require.


We let the work speak for itself. The aspiration generated by using and consuming a certain product is similar to the feeling of belonging to a big company or better still a family.


We transform your idea into reality. The potential consumer, as well as the brand and product team, need new stimule to present any given offer as attractive.


C/ Cañada del Pozo, 8. P. Industrial Prado Concejil
28890 Loeches (Madrid)

(+34) 91 886 28 90 (ext. 115)